About Victory

Victory Oilfield Tech (OTCQB: VYEY), is a Austin, Texas based publicly held oilfield energy-tech products company focused on improving well performance and extending the lifespan of the industry’s most sophisticated and expensive equipment.  America’s resurgence in oil and gas production is largely driven by new innovative technologies and processes as most dramatically and recently demonstrated by fracking.  We exclusively license intellectual property related to amorphous metal alloys for use in the global oilfield services industry.

Our patented products utilize amorphous coatings designed to cost effectively reduce drill-string torque, friction, wear and corrosion, while protecting the integrity of the base metal. Current coating products include solutions for drill-pipe and hardbanding, however the technology is extendible to other metal components such as frac pump plunger rods, mud pump extension rods, gate valves, drill string torque reducers, pump impellers, stabilizers, wear sleeves and a host of other items used in the drilling and completion process.

This technology platform provides significant opportunity for us to expand our product line to meet the additional needs of our exploration and production customers.  Amorphous alloys are mechanically stronger, harder and more corrosion resistant than typical crystalline structure alloys found in the market today.  This combination of characteristics creates opportunities for drillers to dramatically improve lateral drilling lengths, well completion time and total well costs. Our innovative, ruggedized, RFID enclosure allows assets tracking and optimization of production tubing in harsh environments and enables related and potentially valuable data services.